2018 – A Year In Review

Christian Lück Portrait Photo Christian Lück

Without further ado, let me start with saying:


echo 'Happy New Year! 🎉';

Now with a fresh start, let's take a moment to review some of my highlights of the past year. In 2018…

We (the ReactPHP core team) have always worked hard on not only making ReactPHP a groundbreaking solution in the PHP ecosystem, but also making sure ReactPHP is a rock solid foundation to build on top of. I like to think that the overall feedback and ever increasing download statistics support our understanding of how to best build up this very community. Personally, I like to think that forcing myself into the habit of publicly sharing approximately one blog post per month for each component release is an important piece of this. While I'm still learning to find the right balance for these posts, it's my understanding that detailing the motivation behind these components and describing some of the production use cases is very well worth the effort and helps a lot of people getting a better understanding of this ecosystem.

Overall, I'm very happy with how 2018 went and I'm looking forward to continue this work in 2019. In other news, this ongoing effort means this has paid of to be not only a lot of fun to work with, but also a profitable business with some longer-term perspective. And thanks to sponsors like those mentioned in said blog posts, who understand the importance of open source development, I can justify spending time and focus on open source development instead of traditional paid work. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Looking forward

Development doesn't stop here! In fact, we have some very great plans ahead. We've put some significant effort into stabilizing ReactPHP's main components, documenting existing behavior and making sure everything is production ready. This now allows us to focus on building some exciting things on top of this and keep pushing. We still have plenty of work to do, so more on that in later post. For now, let's celebrate: Cheers and Happy New Year! 🎉🎉🎉


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