Announcing stable ReactPHP LTS release

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Exactly six years ago, 11th July 2012, the very first v0.1.0 release of ReactPHP was tagged. Today, six years later, we're thrilled to announce the immediate availability of the very first stable v1.0.0 release of ReactPHP's main components:

Happy birthday ReactPHP! 🎉


For some time already, ReactPHP has been production ready and is battle-tested with millions of installations from all kinds of projects around the world. With these new stable LTS releases now following SemVer, we'd like to emphasize just this. We plan to support all long-term support (LTS) releases for at least 24 months, so you have a rock-solid foundation to build on top of.

Looking at ReactPHP's combined changelog shows how it has evolved quite a fair bit over the years. Looking forward, these LTS releases mean that we now provide a stable base for you build on top of. The release series will be supported for at least 24 months, so you can safely update these main components, getting all the upcoming features without having to worry about BC breaks.

Looking forward

Development doesn't stop here! In fact, we have some very great plans ahead. We've put some very significant effort into stabilizing ReactPHP's main components and documenting existing behavior. This now allows us to focus on building some exciting things on top of this.

Among others, this means that we can now focus on stabilizing our remaining components. We're particularly excited to getting the HTTP client and server components updated and released into your hands! More on that in a later post, for now let's first celebrate this major milestone! 🎉🎉🎉

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