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We provide custom solutions to help you automate your tasks, improve processes, and enable efficient data exchange.

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We build software not only for ourselves, but to provide value to countless users. See the numbers yourself.

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Do what you love, the saying goes, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Christian Lück, Head of clue·engineering

Empowering Projects, Empowering Progress

As a business ourselves, we understand that time is a crucial resource. It has an impact on costs, priorities, and success.

We're here to help you spend your time on more important things by providing you with the solutions that allow your business to grow and thrive. If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that true progress can only be achieved by working together.

On the mission
Since 2016
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Christian has the unique skill to break down a problem to its fundamentals and work out a solid solution. For our company, Christian and his team have become great sparring partners over the years.


Amazing results! After two consulting calls with Christian we had a full running proxy that can handle 2 Gbps with under 10 MB of RAM.

Meet our team

Hi, my name is Christian Lück, I’m a maintainer of ReactPHP, public speaker, and Software Engineer. Together with my team, we are clue·engineering. We build efficient software with high-quality thanks to PHP and ReactPHP.

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Are you a software engineer, trainee, or looking for a (paid) internship? We’re looking for new team members to help us work on our Open Source projects. Just drop us a line and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Our Areas of Expertise

One of the amazing things about working with so many different clients is the fact that our team has the chance to fine-tune our open-source solutions and professional data engineering services to suit a variety of industries and sectors. Here are some of the industries we’ve worked in:

Automotive industry

Agriculture 2.0

Financial industry

Data streams



We know your problems

We Understand What You’re Working With

Because we run a business ourselves, we understand the frustrations and limitations you face on a daily basis. We use our experience from numerous implemented projects to do everything we can to help you break free from these limits and push the boundaries of what your business can achieve.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the free appointment really completely free of charge?
Yes, absolutely. Let’s get to know each other and get an overview of your project. You pay nothing!
Do you only offer open-source solutions?
No, we also offer coaching and consulting services to help you streamline your projects.
Where can I see your work?
We’re currently compiling a list of highlight projects. In the meantime, check out our profile on GitHub to learn more about our exciting open-source projects.
I’m a hobbyist, how can I get support?
We’re here to help if you need support with any of our projects! Check out our profile on GitHub and file an issue or send a Tweet to @another_clue.