Past and upcoming conference and usergroup talks

I'm a public speaker, I love pushing the limits and helping others building awesome things. Here's a list of my past and upcoming conference and usergroup talks, including links to each event with event information, slides download and video recordings when available. If you like the things I like to talk about, you may also like my blog posts.

See below if you would like to invite me to speak at a conference or usergroup near you. Finally, make sure to spread the word and see you around!





Invite me to a conference or usergroup near you

You like the things I like to talk about and would love to learn more about this? As a first step, see the above list to check if I'm in your area any time soon, I love to meet in person and have a chat! Many of these events are for free, so consider signing up and just say hello when we get a chance to meet.

If you're a conference or usergroup organizer and would like to have me at your event, let's get in touch! I love visiting new places and meeting new people and would love to speak at your event. If you're a non-profit organization and you're hosting a free community event that aligns with my values, I usually do not charge a speaker's fee. If your event location is near Aachen, Germany, I may come over without charging travel expenses. Otherwise, let's talk about who's covering train or flight ticket and accommodation.

You're not hosting an event, but would love to hear me speak near you? Let's start with spreading the word, perhaps anybody in your area happens to be interested in inviting me. Also, regularly check the list above and follow me on Twitter, so you don't miss any new event announcements.