Two heads are better than one: Hello Dennis!

Dennis Graßnick Portrait Photo Christian Lück Portrait Photo Dennis Graßnick & Christian Lück

After several weeks of working together, it is time to introduce myself, Dennis. You may have seen our recent Open-Source Sustainability Report and may know why funding open-source development is important. One reason: clue·engineering is no longer a one-man show and Christian now has a co-pilot on the PHP journey. You will learn something about me, our cooperation and our common view into the future.


Dennis Graßnick Portrait Photo

I'm Dennis, the aforementioned co-pilot who ensures that the clue·engineering aircraft not only stays on course but also flies to exciting new destinations to explore new territories. Most of the time this is done from our clue·hub (our upcoming office space), as we come from the same beautiful area. However, due to the Corona crisis, we have decided to work from home for the time being.

Unlike Christian, I don't have a software engineering background. I started my career with an apprenticeship as an IT systems management assistant in a software company. During this training I worked in sales and gained experience in the presentation and sale of software products.

Throughout my studies, the idea matured in my head that after graduation I would not want to continue my career in a large corporation. The reason for this is my feeling that in most positions I don't have that much influence and that I am only required to do the work at hand without being able to provide input myself. Besides such routine work, I also want to help shape new projects, pave the way and be an important part of the whole process. I simply don't want to have the impression of exchanging time for money. Christian offered me exactly this opportunity after we met, even before I finished my studies, and I took it.

Our collaboration

At the beginning of our cooperation it was important to find out how we could best make use of my expertise. Our main task was initially to distribute the tasks taking into account our abilities and strengths. As Christian has a focus on software engineering and I have experience and knowledge in other fields of work, this process is progressive and therefore continues. Accordingly, it was a courageous and optimistic step to hire me.

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This point also made the whole procedure equally exciting, because our cooperation had to develop first and continues to do so. Likewise, clue·engineering will develop in the future. We had to find fields of activity that I could take over and even after weeks of working together we still find new tasks that are pushed into my area of responsibility.

A different view

A big aspect of our cooperation is our often different view on things, which are partly of personal origin, but of course also result from our different professional backgrounds. Due to my economic and legal background as well as my time in sales, I am able to involve thoughts in our daily work that were not previously considered in the form. Our different approaches and views naturally also lead to an engaged exchange of ideas, which always help us reach better results.

Therefore, my contribution in our cooperation is not only to be judged by the results I achieve, but also by the influences on the work of clue·engineering and its future path.

Looking forward

In the course of our discussions and brainstorming sessions described above, some great ideas for projects have emerged. The first of these are already on their way, others will be shared soon. My grandmother used to say "good things take time" and good things are worth waiting for!

So I strongly encourage you to follow our work on Github as well as our Twitter activities in order not to miss anything exciting! One of these new great projects will be clue·labs:

If you care about sustainable open-source (hint: You should, because this is what gets me paid ultimately 😉), you can help us continue our work on such fantastic open-source projects. Contributions are essential to continue working on these open-source projects in the future. One way to help out would be to become a sponsor on GitHub if you want us to keep making progress. You are encouraged to send us your suggestions and to cooperate. Let's take these great projects to the next level together.

We love to hear your feedback, use the contact options in the section below and let's get in touch.

See you at clue·labs. Cheers!

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